Strong future for  smarter building solutions: Assemblin acquisition of the Fidelix group completed

Strong future for  smarter building solutions: Assemblin acquisition of the Fidelix group completed

24.09.2021 – News

Assemblin has completed its acquisition of the Fidelix Group, a pioneer in installation and solutions for climate-smart buildings, following approval from the Finnish competition authorities. 

On 9 December 2020, it was announced that Assemblin had signed an agreement to acquire the Fidelix Group, which also includes the EcoGuard, Lansen and Larmia brands. To approve the acquisition, the Finnish competition authorities required that a smaller part of Assemblin’s existing automation operations in Finland should be divested, and agreements have now been signed to achieve this. Accordingly, the acquisition of Fidelix has been completed.

I am extremely happy to finally be able to welcome the employees and customers of the Fidelix Group to Assemblin. Alongside Fidelix, EcoGuard and Larmia, we are broadening and deepening our building automation offering, further strengthening our position in this exciting and expansive area." says Mats Johansson, President and CEO of Assemblin.

The Fidelix Group offers products and installation solutions for intelligent, energy-efficient buildings, such as BMS and individual metering and debiting (IMD) systems, which are two rapidly growing segments. The BMS market is forecasted to grow at 7 per cent per year, mainly driven by new requirements for energy efficiency and climate-neutral buildings enabled by smart and efficient technology solutions.

Intelligent BMS contribute to a smaller climate footprint for buildings during the operational phase, while also improving the indoor climate for building users. For several years, Assemblin has been building up highly skilled automation operations, and Fidelix will now contribute to further scaling these up. Our common objective is crystal clear – we will be the leading installation company when it comes to new building technologies,” says Tero Kosunen, President and CEO of Fidelix.

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Tero Kosunen, President and CEO, Fidelix,

Mats Johansson, President and CEO, Assemblin,


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