These products are the bestsellers of our online store

These products are the bestsellers of our online store

19.03.2021 – Products | Building automation

From our new online store, you can now order a quote of the entire Fidelix building automation product family. In this article, we present some of our most popular products, such as the versatile multiDISPLAY touch screen.

Did you know that Fidelix develops and manufactures its own products and uses them in its own projects? The functionality and durability of our products tested and working every day in demanding and extreme climate conditions in the Nordics.

Every year, we implement over 500 building automation projects that use our company's own products. The agility of our product development is unbeatable: the path of product improvement ideas from the field to production is the shortest possible.

Fidelix's product family is compact but versatile: a complete building automation package can be built with a limited number of components.


Compatible and competitively priced

Our products are based on open interfaces such as Modbus and BACnet, which means they can be connected to any building automation system. So you don't need to have a complete Fidelix building automation system to connect a Fidelix component to it.

Please also remember that you will receive an expert service from Fidelix to ensure that the products are compatible with your system and how to get the components connected to it.

In honor of our updated online store, we are now proud to introduce you to some of our most popular products: the multiDISPLAY touch screen, the fast and smart multi24 room controller, and the everyday little hero, the DI16 module.


Almost unlimited possibilities with the multiDISPLAY

The touch screen multiDISPLAY has become number one on the sales list of our online store and for good reason. The standard light switch-sized multiDISPLAY is a freely programmable digital touch screen, the uses of which are limited only by imagination.

multiDISPLAY acts as a room control panel in hotels, offices and hospitals. It can be used to control room temperature, lights, roller blinds or ventilation etc.

Among other things, there are houses in the district of Kalasatama in Helsinki, where multiDISPLAY screens show, for example, real-time water consumption. The screens can also be used to participate in the electricity demand response by adjusting the heating.

As an OEM product, multiDISPLAY typically acts as a user interface for many types of applications, such as a district heating or ventilation control panel. Of course, this chameleon of uses can also be found in hot tubs, massage chairs, showers for the disabled and industrial laundries.

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The DI-16 is an all-arounder for a building automation system

For building automation, the DI-16 is like salt for cooking - an everyday basic thing you can't do without. Fidelix itself uses thousands of DI16 modules in hundreds of projects every year.

This input module is a digital little work mole to which 16 different devices can be connected. It constantly monitors the status of the equipment and keeps the central unit up to date: the DI-16 acknowledges whether, for example, the pump, fan or window blinds are on or off as they should. The DI-16 is also widely used, for example, as a counter for water meters.

Simple is beautiful: The compact DI16 is easy to set up and, as a device based on the Modbus protocol, can be connected to any automation system.


The multi24 field controller manages its own field independently

The multi24 field controller, which includes both the I / O module and the controller, is designed to operate locally, based on its own logic. It’s like a digital caretaker who takes care of his or her own plot very independently and takes care of things.

For example, in hotel locations, multi24 is suitable: each room has its own multi24, which automatically controls, for example, the air conditioning and heating of the room. Our own logic makes the multi24 very nimble, which is often a prerequisite for user comfort: Thanks to it, for example, in a hotel room, the lights are guaranteed to turn on without delay when you place a room card in the wall mount.

Because the multi24 can be programmed yourself, it also works well as a standalone solution that works independently in small-scale projects such as heat distribution rooms.

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